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The Ultimate Stop for Your Summer Road Trip

Vote to Make Lucan Kraft Hockeyville 2018

Ontario Travel Offers Free Listing for Businesses

ALUS is Coming to Middlesex

Middlesex County Featured in Business Xpansion Journal

Award Winning Businesses in Middlesex County

Tourism Business Survey

2018 Agriculture Forum 

The Ultimate Stop for Your Summer Road Trip

Summer is just around the corner and people are gearing up for the fun filled road trips ahead. This summer, start your road trip at newly established MacEwen Gas and County Line on Highway 81 in Adelaide Metcalfe. Mark Kinnin, Vice President of Retail Convenience at MacEwen Petroleum Inc. says that MacEwen and the County Line retail store are in place to serve the needs of the community. “Our product assortment can vary to suit the local needs of our customers and we pride ourselves on offering a broad assortment of immediate consumption and convenience type products.” The newest MacEwen location also offers an automated car wash. Pre-paid cards that offer special pricing on car wash services are available for purchase in store and there is even a MacEwen car wash app that allows you to drive up and activate the car wash from your phone! “Our coffee is brewed from freshly ground beans and we have the best assortment of frozen beverages including Slush Puppies, ICEE and f’Real Milkshakes.” Kinnin assures us that this is only part of the story and there’s a lot more to offer!

A MacEwen Gas and County Line store isn’t your typical gas station. “In addition to our roller grill and freshly baked pizza, we offer a variety of food products including sandwiches, salads and more, all of which are made fresh on site. All food products can be dressed with unlimited toppings from our self-serve toppings bar, including chili cheese and a variety of options for the hot dog connoisseur”, says Kinnin. He suggests fast and friendly service doesn’t mean you have to leave right away either; pointing out that County Line store has seating available and a charging station for those who want to charge their device while enjoying their meal before getting back out on the road. The store is also going to be offering its customers Wifi in the near future. Also, say goodbye to uncleanly gas station bathrooms. MacEwen has made a serious commitment to keep their restrooms clean by adding President Allan MacEwen’s personal email and cleanliness guarantee to each of the restroom doors.

MacEwen Gas and County Line Store is located at 28508 Centre Road. You’ll find it on your left hand side as you head into Strathroy. Amit Kalia, a resident of Strathroy, runs this location. MacEwen Petroleum Inc. requires that their retail operators live in the communities that they serve. “Mr. Kalia is an experienced retailer who has recently joined MacEwen to open and run the new operation” Kinnin says. When asked why MacEwen had interest in investing in this location, Kinnin said “because of its growing community and more specifically, the immediacy this location has to commuter access.” Kinnin concluded by saying that MacEwen Petroleum and County Line are pleased to have opened their newest location in Middlesex County and Amit and his staff are excited to have you stop on by.

Vote to Make Lucan Kraft Hockeyville 2018

Kraft Hockeyville has chosen their 4 finalists and Lucan is one of them! They are eligible to win the grand prize of hosting a pre-season NHL hockey game and receiving $250,000 towards upgrades in their Arena but they can't get there without YOUR help! During the year, every resident will walk through the doors on the Arena and $250,000 would go a long way to renovating our Arena to assist in modernization, address seating issues, sound system and improve dressing rooms. There's no question that Lucan loves hockey so let's help them win! Voting opens on March 30th at 12:00pm and closes on March 31st at 8:30pm and it's UNLIMITED so be sure to cast as many votes as you can. Lets make Lucan Kraft Hockeyville 2018! 

Click HERE to vote! 

Kraft Hockeyville

Ontario Travel Offers Free Listing for Businesses

Ontario Travel is offering a FREE listing on their consumer website, ontariotravel.net. Through this listing, you can promote your business, festivals, events, and packages and get leads for your tourism business. Ontariotravel.net is the official tourism website reaching millions of consumers who like to travel in Ontario. A listing on their site includes a large high quality image, a description of your business, event or package, social media channels, a link to your website and more. 

To post your listing, follow these three steps:

1. Log in to your account on tourismpartners.com. Register first if you do not have an account. Create a profile, and select a username and password. Wait for email confirmation. 

2. Manage listings. Scroll down to select the type of listing you wish to submit, then enter your information. 

3. We will review and translate all new content into French for you. Once translations and approvals are complete, your listing will be posted to ontariotravel.net

Some tips for your listing include: 

  • Title and Description: Describe your business, event or package in 300 characters or 45 words
  • Location: provide the exact location of your business, including postal code
  • Image: provide clear, sing image (1920x800 pixels or JPEG format) that reflects the visitor experience and current season, turn off your pop-up blocker
  • Provide 'Lake' name only if your business includes water activity or a waterfront component 
  • Select 19+ attribute if your business is open to a 19+ only audience
  • Select the Indigenous attribute only if your business includes an Indigenous component

ALUS is Coming to Middlesex

New opportunities for marginal farmland are being brought to Middlesex County! Farmers of Middlesex County are invited to join ALUS Middlesex, which provides support to participating farmers to maintain ecosystems and establish ALUS projects on their land.

ALUS Middlesex is managed by a Partnership Advisory Committee which allows farmers in Middlesex County to connect locally. ALUS projects provide services locally like clean water, air, buffers areas, flood control, water retention among many others. With the help of these projects, participating farmers can protect their farmland from things like floods and erosion. If you are interested in becoming an ALUS Middlesex participant and would like more information, contact Hillary Heard, ALUS Middlesex Program Coordinator, at alus.middlesex@gmail.com and be sure to check out their website at www.ALUS.ca.

Middlesex County Featured in Business Xpansion Journal

Middlesex County has been featured in a two page article in the January and February 2018 edition of the Business Xpansion Journal. The journal can be found here and our article is on pages 54 and 55! 

The article discusses how Middlesex County is a prime location to invest in because of our affordable land, educated workforce, multi-level government support and key quality of life elements. With mention of some of our key investors  including, Gray Ridge Eggs, Armatec Survivability, Catalent Pharma Solutions and more, you'll see why you too should be investing in Middlesex County.

Award Winning Businesses in Middlesex County

The London Business Achievement Awards Gala took place on March 21 and once again lived up to it's reputation of being the largest gala of its kind in Canada. There were nearly 1200 attendees and 20 outstanding award finalists. Among these finalists were Middlesex County's own Armatec Survivability in Dorchester, along with Bonduelle Group and Gray Ridge Eggs both out of Strathroy. The London Business Achievement Awards recognizes business excellence in a number of categories including agri-business, corporate social responsibility, human resources, innovation, environment and their newest award - the Beyond Borders Award. We are delighted to announce Gray Ridge Eggs took home the Agri-Business Award and Armatec Survivability received the new Beyond Borders Award. Congratulations to our nominees and award winning businesses!


At the 2018 Ontario Southwest Tourism Conference, Lucan's Baconfest was awarded the Innovative Experience of the Year Award. Lucan's Mayor, Cathy Burghart-Jesson and Hogtown Cycles store owners, Mike Koricina and Teresa Burns were present to accept the award. Mayor, Cathy Burghart-Jesson says, "this will be our 5th year. Mike and Teresa had celebrations on their property and the Township certainly realized this was something we needed to jump on board with. In 4 short years, we grew from 1000 visitors to 25,000 spending the day with us. I think the key to this celebration is the fact it's a partnership - a private and public partnership." Mike Koricina of Hogtown Cycles concluded the acceptance speech by saying, "I want to acknowledge how the community has supported us. We couldn't do it without the community, it's a total team effort and I hope it continues and grows." 

Click here to see the promotional video put together for Baconfest winning Innovative Experience of the Year. 

Tourism Business Survey

Ontario Southwest wants to know how your business was this past fall and winter. Your participation in this survey will go towards their plan to help support your business in the future. Survey participants will be entered into a draw to win a $500 professional photography gift certificate. Click here to complete the survey! 

2018 Agriculture Forum 

The 2018 Agriculture Forum is coming up on April 18th. For more information, contact Cara Finn, Director of Economic Development at cfinn@middlesex.ca