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To be in Middlesex County is quite an advantage. We are 5 miles from London, the central hub of southwestern Ontario, 6 miles from the 401. They love to come to a beautiful area where crops are growing great and things are happening.

George Taylor, Co-Owner

We are very fortunate where we are. In the heart of Middlesex County we are able to outreach to Chatham, Sarnia, London and all points in between.

Mike McNaughton, Co-Owner

We've been here 11 years, we like the change of pace and quieter lifestyle. Middlesex gives us that small town feel with all the big city amenities, no matter what store you go to they know your name

Tania and Eric Vieira, Owners

Being located in Middlesex allows us to effectively service our customer base; close proximity to the 401 and 402 to let our technicians, installers and delivery personnel get to the farms with the products and services they require.

Mike Van Logtenstein ,Owner

The property taxes are phenomenal, we are right on Highway 7, just outside of town. In Middlesex we are able to develop real relationships with other companies that we can strive and succeed together. We are really happy here and we wouldn't look anywhere else.

Jason Bear, Manager