2016 Business Profile Videos

Great Canadian Hideaway  

It’s all in the name at the Great Canadian Hideaway; a place to get away from the everyday. Visitors to the Great Canadian Hideaway can fish, canoe, paddleboat or kayak on the 250 acre lake, take a leisurely stroll on the nature trails, swim in the huge heated pool, enjoy endless crafts and activities, or just kick back by the campfire and take in the night stars. This truly is camping at its best! Learn from owners Eric and Tania Vieira how moving to Middlesex County to run their business has been so “right” for them.

Dairy Lane Systems Ltd. 

Established in 1990, Dairy Lane Systems Limited, has strategically partnered with innovative dairy equipment companies worldwide to provide the most complete product offering on the market. With over 25 years of experience in barn design, construction and service, the company has become a leader in the progressive dairy industry. In addition to providing fully integrated milking parlour systems, DLS brings to its customers cutting-edge technology in milking processes, manure management practices and cow comfort. Find out from co-owner, Mike Van Logtenstein, how being located in Middlesex County helps Dairy Lane Systems Inc. staff of 70 effectively service its customer base across the region.

McNaughton’s Home Hardware

It may be hard to image how a small retail business established in 1948 in a town of 400, has managed to grow to nearly 60,000 feet and serve 13,000 customers a month but, McNaughton’s Home Hardware has managed to do just that. A family run business that sells hardware, appliances, electronics and lumber, while housing a LCBO, M&M Meat Store, and Beer Store, McNaughton’s is a business marvel of product diversity and extraordinary customer service. Find out from Mike McNaughton why treating everyone like family is so important, and how the company’s unique location in Middlesex County has helped to spawn nearly 70 years of business success.

Safe Home Fireplace

With over a decade of experience providing exceptional quality products and customer service, it is no doubt why Safe Home Fireplace is celebrating a recent expansion. Their newly outfitted showroom and outstanding online presence are examples of the continued success the company is experiencing today. Hear from owner, Matt Lawless on how being located in Middlesex County has allowed the company to grow and serve surrounding markets and compete effectively in the urban landscape of Southwestern Ontario.

Purple Hill Country Music Hall

Take a more than century old family farm, a love of great country music, and a remarkable couple with tremendous passion, and you’ve got the recipe for the amazing success of Purple Hill Country Music Hall. From their monthly dinner shows that draw crowds of over 300, to countless weddings and special events held on site, this once cattle auction barn holds wonderful memories for owners George and Anna Taylor and now plays home to some of Canada’s best country recording artists. Find out from George himself why so many people are willing to take the drive to Middlesex County to see what is happening up on Purple Hill.

Roestenberg Welding

While a growing market and the investment in state-of-the-art equipment has grown Roestenberg Welding considerably since their start some 30 years ago, being a family-run business with local values is still at the heart of everything they do. This commitment is evident in their pride of workmanship, and most recent expansion to new facilities; directly up the road from their former location. Find out from Manager Jason Bear, how being in Middlesex County has proven to be such a competitive advantage for Roestenberg Welding, and why working together with other local companies to succeed contributes to their feeling of never wanting to look anywhere else.

Wardsville Golf Club

Beauty as far as the eye can see… that is what will greet you on the fairways of Wardsville Golf Club near the southern tip of Middlesex County. Friendly staff, and great meals served at the clubhouse, are icing on the cake after venturing out on this stunning twenty-seven (yes, we said twenty-seven!) hole course. Find out from co-owner, Laura Van Dyk why her family chose to invest in this hidden gem in Middlesex County more than 25 years ago and how it is now attracting the attention of golfers from far and wide.

Tim Zavitz

For Tim Zavitz, investing in Middlesex County makes good business sense. As a developer, he believes strongly in manufacturing, employing and building locally. Find out from Tim, why he enjoys working together with local municipalities in Middlesex County to meet the needs of the community, and why he acquaints much of his company’s success to the ability to maneuver outside the red tape often experienced in major urban centres.