2020 Business Profile Videos

Mustang Drive-In  

Nothing feels quite as freeing as watching a movie under the stars at the drive-in! Middlesex County’s only drive-in theatre opened in 1953 and due to the inexpensive, unique experience it provides, has remained a family favourite activity ever since. The county’s central location and proximity to the 400 series highway allows the Mustang Drive In to draw in a great number of visitors from both near and far each year. Ready to step back in time and experience the big screen from the comfort of your own vehicle… don’t wait! Set up your car for cozy viewing, purchase some tasty snacks, and enjoy the show!

OJB Industries 


In 2001, the Bloemen family settled in Lucan, Ontario following their move from Holland. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision in mind, owners Otto and Jetty built their agricultural equipment manufacturing business, OJB Industries, on a blank canvas of land just outside of town. Manure spreaders, dump trailers, and excavator attachments are just some of the focus areas for OJB Industries. With a background in mechanical engineering, Otto Bloeman handles most of the design elements for the company. He appreciates that Middlesex County provides OJB access to a local workforce with an agricultural background and a true connection to the machinery they build for the industry and community they serve.

Doug and Marion's Bike Sales and Repairs 

Biking is a great way to bring family and friends together while connecting with the great outdoors. Doug and Marion’s Bike Shop enjoys being part of this experience by helping customers pick out the right bike for their lifestyles. What started out as a hobby has now turned into a family-owned and operated business, celebrating their 30 Year Anniversary this year! From purchase to repairs, don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience a scenic trail ride or take the road with the expertise of Doug and Marion!

S.A.M.Y's Alpaca Farm and Fibre Studio 

Calling all adventurers and animal lovers alike! Middlesex County has a unique experience for you to try with friends and family! Once a hobby farm, SAMY’s Alpacas branched out considerably three years ago. Now a popular agri-tourism destination, Yvonne Houle and her family, welcome people from far and wide to spend time with their much loved herd of alpacas and learn more about these shy but curious animals, up close and personal! In addition to their adventure walks and encounters, SAMY’s uses their home-grown alpaca fibre for in the production of mittens, socks, dryer balls and more! Did we mention they’re also an AirBnB destination? If you love alpacas as much as we do, don’t wait…book your newest adventure today!

Annie's Chocolates 


The key to happiness in Middlesex County?… chocolate! Annie’s Chocolates, run by Annie Dobben, her husband and 3 children, began in 1996 following the passing of a special recipe book to Annie from her great grandmother. Feeling inspired, Annie self-taught herself to craft the special delicious handmade chocolates. Lucky for us, this family-owned and operated business has made their generational recipes available for our enjoyment! Make Annie’s Chocolates your sweet treat destination!

Hallide Emulsion Labs 

It may come as a surprise that the town of Glencoe is home to a developer and manufacturer of holographic optical elements. Halide Emulsion Labs Inc. is a state-of-the-art research facility with several areas of focus including solar, automotive, aerospace and defense. Using their proprietary halide emulsion recording media and holographic recording methods, the company can provide diffraction based optical solutions with unparalleled resolution and quality. They admire the location of Middlesex County as it offers a supportive and progressive business community combined with second-to-none quality of life and convenience for business partners.

Parkhill Meats 

Following their immigration to Canada 18 years ago, Yaser Al Qayem and his family saw that there was a need for more quality meat options in Southwestern Ontario and set out with a plan to develop their own business. Located in the north of Middlesex County, Parkhill Meats has built a reputation as a high quality local meat producer with Halal certification. Parkhill Meats prides themselves on having good relationships with their local farmers, customers and value the access to a strong local workforce that their location in Middlesex County provides.

Patton Excavating 

Patton Excavating offers their services across residential, commercial and agricultural industries. Since becoming incorporated in 2013, the company has grown considerably and enjoys the fact that they’ve been able to hire locally due to the high quality of workforce in Middlesex County. Having a business situated near major highways allows Patton Excavating to service a wide customer base efficiently from their base in the Village of Newbury. The company is encouraged by the expansive commercial and residential development taking place across the County and is poised for further growth in the years to come.

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