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Introducing: “Making it in Middlesex: Stories of Business Success”! Below you will find the second of four features that make up this new and exciting video series, profiling amazing companies from across Middlesex County. The second feature highlights Just in Time Solutions, a small business with clutter-free organization at its core. We invite you to read more below and check out the video.

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Based in Lucan, Just In Time Solutions provides organization solutions to residents of Middlesex County and beyond. CPO, Pauline Hoffman started the company in 2001. Now operating as a team of 4, Pauline, Rebecca, Erin and Kelly recognize that clutter can be stressful and overwhelming but pride themselves on delivering welcoming, functional spaces, calm, stress-free mornings and smooth, easy life transitions. Seeing clients begin to maintain an easier, more independent lifestyle with the help of their services, is one of the greatest takeaways. Whether you’re tidying a neglected space, making more room in your home or downsizing, Just In Time Solutions is committed to working with you, confidentially and with honesty and respect to accomplish your goals.

Pauline, can you walk us through the growth your company has seen over the years?

Thirteen years ago, I brought on Rebecca. About ten years ago, I brought on Erin and Kelly has been with us about four years now and we have grown and made a great team together. The really cool thing is, we all have different personalities.

Can you tell us more about the nature of the business?

We really like the idea of reducing, reusing, and not being a consumer so if we can help pass along some hints and some tips, that’s something I like to do.

Organizing a home is not cleaning a home. Organizing a home is purging items that you no longer want and finding homes for things so when you’re putting everything away, it has a spot.

The other thing that’s really big in what we do is the mental health side of organizing. Anyone that has a hoarding disorder, OCD, ADHD, or anxiety disorder, these do affect our space but if our space is organized and cleared, we can be mentally cleared.

How has your experience been doing business in Middlesex County?

Middlesex is growing exponentially. We’ve got recycling programs, we’ve got community organizations that contact us daily asking for assistance in providing items to those in unfortunate situations. Knowing that they’re going to somebody who needs them and will be grateful for them, that is the icing on the cake.

There’s lots of people that need help and we’re there to help them. – Pauline Hoffman, CPO Just In Time Solutions