Making it in Middlesex: Stories of Business Success - Watermelons Plus

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Introducing: “Making it in Middlesex: Stories of Business Success”! Below you will find the last of four features that make up this new and exciting video series, profiling amazing companies from across Middlesex County. The fourth feature highlights LCP Farms - Watermelons Plus, an agri-business that takes great pride in growing the best product they can. With 120 acres of melons, they employ up to 50 people during harvest season. We invite you to read more below and check out the video.

Based in Mount Brydges, LCP Farms Inc - Watermelons Plus began when owners Peter and Tracy Gubbels took over his family farm in 1998. They began their time on the farm transitioning out of the tobacco business and made the decision to grow watermelons and more! After more than 21 years of growing watermelons, LCP Farms Inc distributes their watermelons across big box stores in Canada and the demand continues to grow year-to-year. 

Tell us a bit about your company and what you do.

After taking over the farm, we chose to grow watermelons because it's a difficult crop to grow and we had the land base, water and we were also familiar with offshore labour. It all gelled together and 21 years later, here we are. 

At LCP Farms, we grow fresh market watermelon, processing squash, corn, beans, wheat, and rye. 

How would you describe your team? Where do they come from? 

We employ 50 people, we have 21 fellows from Mexico, we have lots of students and quite a few retirees. 

Do you foresee an opportunity for growth and expansion of your business?

We get better at watermelons every year. We grow more watermelons on the same land base every year. We strive to be more efficient because the demand is growing every year and we're trying to meet that demand at all times. 

How have you found your experience doing business in Middlesex County? 

The watermelons for the fresh market are sold to Costco, Loblaw, and Walmart, and we also serve a bunch of Foodlands but mainly, the watermelons are brought to the GTA and distributed. Being located in Middlesex County is definitely a benefit. Especially where we are located, we're only 6 minutes from the 402 and we're only 20 minutes from the 401. We have a great life here. We have a lot of support form the local municipality and we have a great student base for workers. 

I think it's because of the community and partnerships that we have locally that's helped business be successful.