Middlesex County Celebrates Local Food Week

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Middlesex County is celebrating Local Food Week taking place June 5-11, 2023. The County has approximately 2,352 farms which are comprised of 246,592 hectares of farmland and in addition to crops, include an abundant and prosperous variety of cattle, pork, poultry, vegetable, and egg operations. Traditional farming has changed over the years in which Middlesex Counties agri-business have adapted quickly and are currently utilizing technology in their operations to improve efficiency in production and the quality of their products.

Middlesex County’s agricultural technology-based businesses enjoy easy access to larger markets through well-maintained transportation infrastructure. Products grown or processed in Middlesex County are within easy shipping distance of Toronto, or the U.S. market via border crossings at Windsor, Sarnia or Buffalo, thanks to both Highways 401,402 and ancillary routes.

Additionally, the skilled labour force, proximity to post-secondary institutions and the network of food processors, equipment manufacturers and dealers and agricultural service providers in the County combine forces to create a constantly innovating ecosystem where agri-food and agricultural technology businesses can grow and thrive. 

Middlesex County Economic Development will be meeting with companies from across the world to discuss additional investment opportunities at the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) conference taking place this week. In addition to this through Local Food Week we will be sharing content on our social media channels highlighting some of the great agri-businesses in the County including some wonderful agri-tourism experiences.