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Agri-business facilities in the County are on the cutting edge of sustainability and environmentally-friendly technologies and processes, minimizing their carbon footprint and ensuring the region will continue to be the heartland of agricultural production in Ontario for generations to come. Overall, Ontario’s agri-food sector is the province’s number one employer, generating $9.91 billion in exports annually. Agri- business represents more than a quarter of all enterprises in Middlesex County with a total of $552 million worth of goods produced annually. Middlesex County is a prime location to establish or invest in an agri-business operation for a host of compelling reasons. First and foremost is the land itself. The County is home to vast tracts of some of the most fertile farmland in Canada, which allow for large harvests of an impressive variety of crops. There are 2,352 farms in Middlesex, and 246,592 hectares of farmland. Middlesex County is also known for its abundant and prosperous cattle, pork, and poultry/egg operations.

Having the raw materials close at hand allows food processors such as Bonduelle to contract land for the production of produce for its frozen vegetable processing facility in Strathroy. Having access to land also allows companies involved in research and development like Dow AgroSciences to test new plant varieties and other crop management programs. Middlesex businesses enjoy easy access to larger markets through a well-maintained transportation infrastructure. Products grown or processed in Middlesex County are within easy shipping distance of Toronto, or the U.S. market via border crossings at Windsor, Sarnia or Buffalo, thanks to both Highways 401 and 402 and ancillary routes. The skilled and unskilled labour force in the County is a big part of the success of local agri-business. Ten per cent of the County’s workforce, or 4,224 out of a total workforce of nearly 43,500, is employed in agriculture. The entire London-Middlesex commuting region has a total workforce of 250,000 and an overall population of 440,000, of which 75,000 reside in Middlesex County.

Reasons to invest in Middlesex

  • Skilled workforce
  • Strong rural work ethic
  • Easy access to North
  • American markets
  • Excellent transportation
  • Network